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The Truth About Wood Burning Stoves

Chimney Sweeping & Wood Fire Stove Installation in Hampshire and London

The Truth About Wood Burning Stoves

Every year, misleading, negative headlines appear in the press about Wood Burning Stoves causing high emissions and being bad for our health. Understandably, this causes worry for many people who already have one installed and for those considering having one installed. Reports are usually linked to the Government’s Clean Air Strategy.

Woodburning stoves will not be banned. However, the sale of pre-packaged bituminous house coal and wet wood will be banned from February 2021. This is to curb particulate matter emissions. In the future, it is likely that stoves will have to meet a higher standard to ensure that only the most efficient appliances are sold. This will more than likely be retrospective and will not affect your current appliance.

The actual truth is that woodburners and stoves are not harming our health or the cause of pollution. Rather, it is the way that they are being used that is the problem. Using your stove correctly can cut emissions, reduce the risk of chimney fires and reduce the risk to your health.

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Wood Burning Stove Installation and Inspection

It is important that your new stove is installed by a professional HETAS Engineer. This ensures that your stove meets all the regulations.Your stove should be inspected thoroughly at least once a year by a professional Chimney Sweep who will check for creosote build up as well as cracks and bird nests. Creosote build up is a common cause of fires, so it is extremely important to have your chimney swept and inspected before you light your next fire.

Wood Burning Stoves Require Regular Maintenance

Chimneys that have not been swept regularly will have far less draw which means that smoke can’t escape as freely as it should. A dirty chimney allows smoke to spill into a room, which is why we recommend having your chimney swept at least once a year to ensure the chimney is working as it should.

As well as cleaning your chimney, we will perform a smoke evacuation check . A smoke evacuation check involves lighting a smoke pellet in the stove which produces a lot of smoke and will indicate whether smoke is entering the room.

Choosing the Right Fuel For Your Wood Burning Stove

Seasoned wood is the most environmentally-friendly fuel and is therefore the one that is most widely recommended. It is important to use only dry wood, which should contain less than 20% moisture.

Logs should not be too big, 5″ wide is the recommended size. Using large logs to increase burning time will result in a lower burning temperature, leading to wasted fuel and more pollution.


It is essential that there is proper ventilation around the stove. Carbon Monoxide buildup and poisoning can occur when there isn’t adequate ventilation. Ensure that a carbon monoxide alarm is installed between 1-3 metres away from the stove.

Please do not stack wood around the stove as this is a fire hazard. House fires are often caused by logs catching fire due to radiated heat.

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General Fire Safety

  • Never use gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid or other highly flammable substances to start or rekindle a fire. This can cause fireballs and accumulate combustible materials in the chimney.
  • Be sure to wait until the ashes have completely cooled down before removing them from the stove.
  • Install smoke detectors and carbon moxide alarms throughout your house and test them regularly.

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