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Other Services

Chimney Sweeping & Wood Fire Stove Installation in Hampshire and London

Other Services

As well as keeping your chimey swept and safe, we also offer a range of other services 

Cowls, Pots & Caps

Sometimes it is necessary to fit cowl or bird guard to prevent downdraught and draw problems or to prevent birds from entering the chimney. 

We can supply and fit cowls, caps and bird guards throughout Hampshire and London 

Birds Nest Removal

We can use our power sweeping tools to gently remove a birds nest as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

We can break down the nest and use CCTV to ensure that the nest is fully removed. 

Once the nest is removed we would recommend having a cowl fitted to prevent further nesting. 

CCTV Inspections & Smoke Testing

We can use specialist CCTV equipment to identify various problems in your chimney. This includes structure faults, damage caused by fires, disrepair and blockages. 

Smoke testing is used to ascertain whether there are any structural defects or cracks in the flue that could potentially allow smoke and dangerous gasses to re-enter your home.

Chimney & Stove Repairs 

We are able to carry out a wide range of chimney repair services. These include:

* Stove Maintenance and Repairs
*Chimney Repairs
*Fire Bricks